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David A. Kelly Books

the place to buy signed books by David A. Kelly


Hello! Welcome to my bookstore. At this online store you can purchase all my
Ballpark Mysteries, MVP, and non-fiction children's books.

The Ballpark Mysteries and MVP book series can be read in any order!

NOTE: 2023 - January
This online store will be offline until later this spring--
we are doing some housekeeping behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to take any new orders until March 2023!

Please check back then. Thanks!

Personalizing Details
All books can be signed and/or personalized with a name. Simply browse the books,
add them to the shopping cart (specifying how to sign each one),
and then check out using your favorite credit card. 

Ordering Details

Shipping varies by order amount (and unfortunately, shipping is more expensive these days).

Books are non-returnable (unless there's a mistake).

Sorry--US orders only!

Contact Info
Please use the contact form to contact me if you have any questions. 
Visit for more info.

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